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UX/ UI design. 2019.

ServiceForm is a platform that helps service businesses triplicate leads through dynamic forms and chatbots. With this tool users can build dynamic forms with various types of questions, such as calendar or payment questions and they can program conditional logic. They can also create chatbots to help manage their own company’s customer services.



I designed the desktop platform which consists of two big parts. First, the Dashboard (see above) where you manage all the quotes, invoices, conversations with customers, account information, all calendar types, services, customer’s information and where you connect payments.


Second, the Builder (see above) it’s where you create, design and share your dynamic form or chatbot. Here you can add many types of questions, edit them as you see fit and integrate conditional logic into all your flow. It’s also where you design it to look however you need or like. Finally, here you embed it into your website and that way, share it with your customers or respondents.